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Introducing that to basketball

  • January 11, 2018 10:18 PM PST

    That’s the real baseball rule, and introducing that to basketball would scare the bejeezus out of every NBA team and every college coach.If a big league baseball team drafts a high schooler in a prime position, it makes a contract offer of NBA 2K MT. If it’s not impressive enough, the player might decide to attend college and try his luck three years later. The NBA would never want to gamble on its picks in this manner. Nor would the college coaches be wild about not having any idea which players might show up on campus until midsummer.7. The agents will hate it. If you’re wondering why the age limit is set at 19, the simple answer is that’s as far as the influential agents could push back when the league started pressing to get high schoolers out of the draft.


    Many agents with juice want high schoolers in the draft because they spend years developing relationships with those players and then don’t want to wait around while they’re in college (perhaps meeting other agents along the way).The biggest agents might get a minor victory in the ability of a handful or two of elite prospects to turn professional out of high school, but most of their clients will be marooned in college for two or more years.8. Replacing one-and-done with the baseball rule is anti-education. I’ll let Auburn coach Bruce Pearl explain. “Right now, the way to get to the NBA is through college. If we do anything to lose that, then we’re going to jeopardize this component,” Pearl said Monday on an SEC teleconference. “Last year, the graduation rate in men’s basketball for African-American student-athletes was the highest it’s ever been. It has increasingly gotten better and better and better for lots of reasons.


    The APR, the support that we receive. But college is still the way to get to the NBA so seventh- and eighth-grade parents are going into schools making sure their kids are taking Algebra 1 as a freshman and they’re making sure they’re getting qualified. In many ways, we’ve helped improve the education process through this process.”9. The only constituency that benefits from the baseball rule is college coaches. They get greater roster certainty. That’s why they campaign for this. It’s a pain to be uncertain if even a player who has a mediocre season might turn professional at the end.


    Anybody who watched college hoops in 2017-18 think Duke’s Frank Jackson was a first-round pick? Nope. He was a 6-3 guard surrounded by elite scorers and averaged 1.7 assists. But Jackson left the Blue Devils anyway, and he wound up Buy NBA 2K18 MT Coins in the second round. It would have been easier for his coaches if Jackson hadn’t been allowed to enter the draft.But the player who’d likely be forced to enter the draft if choosing college meant being forbidden to the enter the NBA for a couple or more years? Unless that player’s first name is LeBron, he’s likely to be worse off. Lonzo Ball, Josh Jackson, Jayson Tatum — they’re all better players for having been coached in college, competed in front of big college crowds, played under NCAA Tournament pressure.