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Adidas Messi We also wished that the

  • January 22, 2019 12:29 AM PST

    Adidas Messi We also wished that the
    of the 3rd generation. Compared with the previous two generations, it will fall behind in actual combat performance, but jumping out of this series, looking at the entire basketball shoe market, Harden 3 will still have a certain market. Finally, the actual five-dimensional score is given: Package: 70 Cushioning: 75 Anti-twist: 85 Grab: 70 Weight: 80 I recommend this pair of sneakers to basketball players who like the position of the sneakers and like the lightweight sneakers. At present, the official offer price of Harden 3 is 1399, and the price of recommended shops has been lowered at around 850 yuan, and the price is frie. ndly. With the opening of the new season, the follow-up color rescue series is worth looking forward to! We also wished that the former teammate Ariza called "Posette Mozart", the new MVP who had already left the nightclub and eye defense behind him, continued to grow wildly and led the rocket to take off! ! ! ! ! ! Harden's latest signature shoes adidas Harden Vol.3 has launched three color schemes of black, white and silver, but they areit upper with clear zebra texture, and the Beluga 2.0 replaces the original orange print strip with gray Incorporating the sho.

    es, the previous version of the gray SPLY-350 is also changed to orange, and the heel is also returned to the shoe design. Yeezy 350 V2 Boost Gray Orange version 2.0 has a more low-key visual effect, although it is a gray zebra texture, but also like .

    PUMA EVOTOUCH a cool marble pattern, this low-key taste is very compatible with the grandfather's tide. Will the coconut gray zebra be cancelled I am very sorry to tell you that the gray zebra may not be on sale... Why is this gray zebra color, which was previously marked as SUPER LIMITED, unsold The reason is that the man listened to silence, and the woman heard tears! The reason for the cancellation is that there are too many fakes in the market, so adidas Originals protects the brand image by canceling the sale and avoids the dilemma of the market being filled with FAKE like NMD. Basically the gray zebra is saying goodbye with us. To be honest, I have never paid attention to how to buy coconuts because I dont think it looks good. After the black and red start app was booked, I forgot where I saw a picture. There were only a few red numbers and letters on the pure black side. I suddenly felt very beautiful. As a result, I rushed to buy at 4 pm on the 8th. On the 11th, we came to Sanli to take the shoes, specially selected a little more than 12 noon, thinking that there we