Obtain what you desire in NBA 2K20?

  • Everybody noticed that there was a huge difference in the inside defense of this technology. The ai assisted defense was much faster and the interference behind the layup was greatly improved. NBA 2K20 is the latest in the NBA 2K series, featuring a new action engine that makes dribbling more realistic and fluid. NBA 2K20 supports simplified Chinese, including Chinese voice commentary. Should you liked this information along with you would want to get details with regards to nba-20-coins i implore you to pay a visit to our own web-page."NBA 2K20" legal channels version set up a China server, will bring players better online experience.

    Speedy shot, long range battery, difficult shot king, steady shooter four badges one is a difficult ball, subject to any strong interference can enter. Among them "NBA 2K20" long range battery badge function introduction: long range battery badge can increase the player's shot percentage and three point shooting, can be said to stay addition to pure defensive players must wear the badge. Wilkins' dunk is absolutely hard, camping, carter is also good, and Jordan's fast split dunk is cool.

    Our most evident feeling is that 18, 19 bad behind the other team and you'll end up with a dunk. But now whenever there's someone behind you, there's a backside interference animation, and then you jump, dunk, go to the layup, move, and stop.

    Speed, first of all, we need to understand that the velocity and acceleration we see in the modeling is actually the speed without the ball, and the initial two generations have understood that the most important speed for the defender in possession of the ball is actually determined by carefully of the ball! Put simply, as long as you keep your possession high enough, your speed in the game will never be affected too much. Along with this generation of hottest breakthrough badge first step masters, this little bit of lost speed won't have much impact on the breakthrough. On the contrary, the increased weight and strength allow MC players to directly head and break through, and the hanging man is the button.

    Finally recommend several badges, against the terminator, tempo terminator, first step master, defensive deterrence. These four are the most triggered and useful badges I've found in my current game. To share an interesting building, put an finish to add tissue sg (sg optional maximum weight is higher than pg 12 kg and can hold more dunk package, 196 level, 198 wingspan, maximum weight, body quality priority choose speed force, the last outcome is 90 dunk, 90, 89, 91 power, power than most NBA insider, if the above is the fact pg 78 power rock handler on James, that this is on the again o 'neill.

    Another interesting thing concerning this generation is that the 3-point discount is low, the computer will shrink the security if there are too many penetration points, but this generation badge is very strong, the deduction will have 9 shot feature points, the badge provides up to the available 3-point shot may also be shot, so it will be often possible to shoot the open 3-point shot at the top of the arc.

    This NBA2K20 defender playing skills teaching that you can share here, hope to help you like to play defender players.