Their chic looks and trendy designs warm

  • So, on their baby shower it is their right to have some fun and have a good time. With the impending birth giving us an occasion to celebrate you can have loads of fun by introducing some baby shower games. Here are some games you can play: Find-a-word scramble: You can create your own word puzzle and fill it up with baby related words. The game should be time bound and the guests have to find as many baby words they can. Put a face to the name: ask your guests to supply you their baby pictures. Then mix all the pictures and ask your friends to guess who is who. Guess the baby name: make a list of 20 names you love.  Then ask your friends to guess the name you plan to christen your baby with. Letters to the baby: this game is a well appreciated and pleasant activity all the guests can participate in.

    Distribute a piece of paper and pen to all your guests. When everyone is ready, ask them to write a short note to your baby. Parent question-answers: this game is for the dad-to-be. Instead of the mother ask the host of the party to throw a ball of baby questions to the dad. While the dad-to-be answers, ask the mother-to-be how her partner will fair in the rapid fire. The prizes are sweet surprises! The best thing about any party is the gifts. After playing baby shower games it is you who receives the gifts and not the guests. Baby showers games are just an excuse to have some fun. The mother-to-be is more excited for the gifts she is going to be presented with. Strollers, lots and lots of strollers will be making their way to the mother-to-be’s feet. The baby stores have been storing a lot of Graco stroller and Chicco stroller because they are the best—sellers.

    Their chic looks and trendy designs warm every mother’s heart. Graco strollers and Chicco strollers are light in weight and are equipped with strong and secure buckles and straps. There is no space for slip-outs. Graco strollers and Chicco strollers are actually known as the fast paced and manoeuvrable travel system of our times. Both the strollers are furnished with cushy innards and extra clips 12 stage shower filter Manufacturers at the back. The excess clips make up for the security system other strollers lack. Moreover these strollers are reasonable prices. So they fit the bill well. These baby strollers are noted to be the best gift you can ever give a mother-to-be on her baby shower. They say the safest place for a child is his mother’s womb. Well these two baby strollers provide an environment similar to a mother’s womb. If the baby is happy, so is the mother. It is a lovely and happy equation to step outside with.