One is that the alarm system is set

  • In fact, the truth of the matter is that it was easier then that to disarm many of the earlier alarm systems and some of them could be turned off by simply turning off the power to the residence at the fuse box on the side of the home. The good news is that all that has changed and now the level of technology that goes into home security systems is truly state of the art. Of course they all come with back-up, batter powered systems that can run the home security system for weeks if the power is turned off. Also, now new wireless technology makes it virtually impossible to disable a system by cutting exposed wires, because there simply aren't any.Each component in a wireless system is powered by its own batteries and they will signal the control panel when they run low every there years, so there is no chance of a dead battery.

    In a monitored wireless security system, the signal is relayed to the monitoring station over the air also, just like when you place a cell phone call. Fantastic new breakthroughs in the technology that goes into the sensors that are the components that make up a security system have enabled a modern security system to do so much more than provide burglary protection. Now your home security system can also provide fire as well as carbon monoxide protection. The problem with standard smoke detectors is that they detect smoke and for this reason they can be a problem in kitchens in homes and restaurants, because of their tendency to produce false alarms when cooking is going on. Modern high tech fire detectors now function by detecting heat, so they aren't effected by smoke and they are now far more reliable. When your security systems main panel receives a signal form one of the fire detectors, two things take place simultaneously.

    One is that the alarm system is set off CCS Stranded Wire Factory to wake up everyone in the home and the other thing that happens is the security people at the monitoring station call the fire department immediately. Many people who have actually gone through a fire emergency in their home report afterward that things happened so fast that they only had time to get out and couldn't use the phone. Carbon monoxide gas kills people in their homes every year but still many people are still unaware of this danger that is in their homes gas heating system. State of the art sensors can now detect this odorless gas that kills while its victims sleep, send a signal to the main panel that will automatically call for emergency help as it also sounds the alarm in the home.