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  • As one of the premier manufacturers of binding machines, GBC produces machines both large and small for a wide range of uses. One of their smallest and least expensive machines is the ProClick P50, a 32-hole punch that prepares documents for binding with GBC's ProClick spines. To find out what this little machine can do for you, please continue reading this article. The GBC ProClick P50 is a desktop hole punch that's small enough to carry with you. That means it can be used to bind documents on the road, if necessary. It can even fit in a drawer so it doesn't have to be out on your desk all the time. As mentioned before, the P50 punches holes that can be used with the ProClick spines, which are some of the easiest binding spines to use. (You can also use 3:1 pitch color coil spines with this machine, so you have a couple of different binding options available. Just make screw punch Suppliers sure you have a pair of coil crimpers on hand to finish off your document.) ProClick spines help your document lie flat and they allow for 360-degree rotation. That means your documents will be easy to read and photocopy.

    This machine can punch up to 6 sheets of paper at a time and the ProClick spines can bind documents that are up to 100 pages long. And if you make a mistake when binding with ProClick spines, you can easily add or remove sheets from your booklet using the GBC ProClick editing tool. Since this is an inexpensive machine (it retails for less than $80.00), the P50 obviously has a few limitations. For one, you may find it difficult to punch the full 6 sheets of paper the machine is rated to handle. If so, try punching a smaller amount of paper and see if it's any easier. Since the P50 has a very low punching capacity, it's obviously not a good choice for high-volume operations. Users who need to punch and bind longer documents might get frustrated by only being able to punch a few sheets of paper at a time, so keep that in mind if you tend to get annoyed by repetitive tasks. It's important to note that the P50 is only a hole punch. It is not a binding machine.

    If you want to use color coil spines, you'll need a machine to help you out. As for the ProClick spines, it's easy to bind with them by hand. However, every box of spines comes with a zipper-like tool to give you a hand in the binding process. Finally, the P50 lacks disengageable pins, so it's difficult to punch paper that's shorter than 11 inches long. If you try, you'll wind up with an unsightly partial hole on the edge of your paper. (And who wants that?) If you need binding method for small personal or work projects, the GBC ProClick P50 is a good way to start binding cheaply and easily using ProClick spines. It's nice that the machine is portable, too.