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  • It means tyou are upset about what you did and you want the other rs3 gold person to forgive you but you never bribe someone to be your friend if that is theonly way thay like you then they arent really your frinds. frienship is about liking someone for who they are not for what they have. the only reason you should be together with someone is because you love them Saying sorry is saying that you did not mean for it to happen that way and you will make sure it does not happen again. If you say sorry then turn around and do it again you did not mean it. ( Full Answer )

    Blizzard are now exploiting a common industry problem typical with Games as a Service, they are releasing completely barebones expansions with WoD, some aspects of Legion and now BFA. They are getting you to pay through subscription whilst they intentionally slowly fix the piece of shit they release, that you also buy up until it finally hits an enjoyable point. You get to play the enjoyable end point of the expansion for about 8 months and make you feel good about the game again and then they repeat the process again. Release a garbage shell of an expansion, get you to pay for 1.5 years for you to actually enjoy the final .5.

    To paraphrase Thorndike's Law of Effect, rewarded behavior is likely to increase in frequency and unrewarded behavior is likely to decrease in frequency. Take Miss Puss. Each morning, she taps you on the face at four o'clock, letting you know that she'd like a can of kitty morsels. She seems in dire need of a meal, so you do her bidding and unwittingly reward her behavior. You can bet she'll be back the next morning! She has learned that tapping yields tasty treats. However, if you had turned a cold shoulder to her early morning pleas, Puss would have had no reward and no reason to try that tactic again.

    E is literally % max/current health damage while Q is flat/scaled damage. You usually don have trouble killing the spirit, so the % increase from levels in it, ends up doing more damage, than maxing Q for more damage on tentacles. Even without accounting for how crucial the lower cooldown is on E, the pure damage increase/health of the spirit is better.

    Well hear me out, I wouldnt mind willows/maples being less xp/hr, and instead make the Redwood Tree be the amount of xp/ hr you currently get from cutting willows or maples. Now I didn include teak and whatnot because Im not a fan of tryhard 3 tick training and such on skills that are normally afk.

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