Division 2 Boosting looks actually alright

  • Well this was a fascinating comparison. I see that, on PC, Division 2 Boosting looks actually alright. With the Beta on Ps4 and I have been playing and it kinda turned me off from the match. I am assuming it's just really optimized on there. Textures wont load correctly and stay super resolution until it're touching. Some building walls dont load so you can see through the map. Enemies and NPC can occasionally pop in and out constantly from nowhere. In battle you could be standing at a fire grenade's aoe before knowing it because the flames arent there but it will still hurt you.For a sequel that seems nearly copy-pasted, it felt pretty shitty in comparison to the first game that conducted smooth like butter and seemed much more gratifying to the eye. So yeah. PC version looks alright, console variant is simply terrible.

    Taking the SNOW is a downgrade regarding the games air. . .Ghost recon wildlands at a city. . .Character motion was much better in The Division 1. . .In The Division 2 they (especially the legs) go like robots.I could not play more than 5-7 hours because it just don't feel like The Section 1 did back in the afternoon. . .As an issue of reality but now when I login to The Section 1 im still like:"Wow this looks so great".Survival is so real that im getting cold in my own living room.

    Difference between this match and rdr 2. Rdr two is 8 years in the make off. The Division 2 Boosting rebuild the animation they made everything. While branch 2 seems is just like the first one. Animation the weapons may be different but its still the same. The HUD is the exact same. Its just same day state that is different. Reskin: they should have go with division 1.5 not even worth 60. Ubisoft should find out from Rockstar 4a games naughty dog. (Even tho people wasnt perfect)? .