And was horrified as Maplestory M Mesos somebody

  • And was horrified as Maplestory M Mesos somebody who had done beta localization for MS1. I rolled out a Priest as my primary and was immediately worried that level cap could be attained in a single day, ruining the value and accomplishment feelings from being able to level up, then the devs say the time gates and RNG are to'make the game last longer' when they killed the very first thing makes a game sustain gamers.


    After I struck Hard dungeons and was doing them on multiple characters, I noticed something else concerning about the RNG; most enchant rolls regardless of course are elemental resistances, typically 0.03%, which makes it a crap stat. And I have two weeks of dual drops only getting resistances. No Piercing not one of the things


    which has been considered for performing Chaos raids, REQUIRED. They assert they removed KR's microtransactions from our match, then conceal the simple fact that there are multiple items which were outright removed indefinitely. Ever notice that the'lock stat' scrolls when enchants does not exist? Were you aware identifying keys in KR gives stacks of potions rather than 200 B1 secrets? Or how you cant make your own potions withotu spending enormous quantities of stuff to restore 800 HP? Maybe this is Nexon's' second worst match I have playedwith. Only defeated by Riders of Icarus, where robots control each spawn. ?


    The home design, is good, the game's aesthetics, too good. But finally Maple M Mesos I realized that battle was quite boring, basically all courses have 1 spammy skill you use all the time, 1 ability that does BIG harm but has a longer cooldown, then some kinda buff skill. Life skills in positions starts to take 2hours a day, and half of these are USELESS, you grind them. I could not wait to complete my daily chores so that I could log out and perform something more entertaining. I had a HUGE blast and started playing with with MHW, combat felt like it mattered, and it was not necessarily the same exact thing every time. ?


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