And half of these are USELESS Maplestory M Mesos you

  • And half of these are USELESS Maplestory M Mesos you grind them for decorations. I couldn't wait to finish my chores so that I could log out and perform with something entertaining. And well eventually I just decided I was done. I had a HUGE blast and started playing with with MHW, battle felt more like it mattered, and it was the exact same exact thing every time.


    I don't believe the mill is the problem as far as how the grind is done and RNG is handled. The game has very little incentive for gamers to really grind and fight creatures, raids are limited which makes players grind personalities, along with your stats are too reliant on how good your luck is. This can be adjusted by adding more incentive to ordinary monsters, removing raid limits, and providing more system without being so luck based to raise your equipment. The game in itself plays great, and I love the amount of customization we've. I will stick with the game and hope they work on producing the changes. ?


    Obviously it is. Played for a few days frankly and with my s/o. There's not any challenge where I was. I felt like the pool nly progress I obtained was from playing narrative quest. And those were boring. The monsters feel stale and empty, the skills are meh. Idk it just is not ok entertaining to me. Enough I changed back to maple1 and grinded during the burning occasion to 160 and felt bored/satisfied. I really like the mini world games they place in maple2 along with the home building however, the fighting/monsters just look meh to me. Repetitive not in the fun way(is there a fun repetitive?) I dont see a point apart from creating a house to enjoying or anything.


    Tbh I though it's fairly and grinding lacking, it's still new so it has time to develop. I MaplestoryM Mesos am sure content such as awakening and will really make a difference. Definitely dieng compared to stages but that happens to other MMOs too. MMOs like Elsword and so dies at one stage and then gets an update and also the people today go back to the game. It occurred to me in MS1 I got tired of this content at one point then there came a huge patch out that made me desire to return to playing again. ^^ plz do not hate me on just an opinion owo? .



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