But be sure that you use Maplestory M Mesos it properly

  • But be sure that you use Maplestory M Mesos it properly. Your defense will make sure that you will get punished for being in the wrong location.Archers are also good because of their"Sharp Eye" Skill, which can be a buff that scales up the ciritcal rate and accuracy, exteremly beneficial for party members and in dungeons. Hard to perform with, but a


    profitable class.Heavy gunners select power over the constant attack rate, making them have a strong waveclear aswell as being good against any supervisors. Archers can be outdamaged by heavy gunners. While archers are quick on their feet, thick gunners would choose to stay at one place and shoot out blasts of passing at their


    opponent, making their entire overall DPS much higher, so in the event that you maintain a good safe distance between you and a supervisor, you'd be able to unleash an amazing quantity of damage.Another benifit is they have a small healing kit they can drop for themselves or allies, but it needs to be taken only by the heavy gunner


    since he's doing all the working damage, he has to stay safe, it might not be dependable Maplestory M Mesos for sale as Priest's healing, but it's a great add to significant gunner's kit.Please be more careful when playing with Heavy gunners, their long cartoons and low movement speed making them exceptionally varunable to strike so be certain to understand where



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