Number of the greatest Maplestory M Mesos DPS from the

  • Number of the greatest Maplestory M Mesos DPS from the MapleStory 2 match.Knight: (short selection, protects and shields allies, difficulty level: moderate ) A course that contains a lot of fans that will shield and protect allies. The Knight also utilizes a skill called"Throwing Shield" that can be used to tank aggro of monsters and bosses to your allies.


    They also have the highest defense stat from the MapleStory 2 game, with damage being their second. However, they are more of a class that is supporting as opposed to a damage dealer course.Berserker: (short range, have their very own unique trait and one of a kind ability gauge, difficulty level: mid-high) The Berserker's passive is


    called"Power of the Darkness," which causes you to deal explosive quantity of damage the more you pile this passive. It gets a bit difficult to keep the stacks up while fighting bosses, because of all the running around you have to do, however, if you can keep your piles up, your damage is very strong. They also have the best stat in the


    MapleStory 2 game.Thief: (short selection, damage depends heavily on their abilities Maplestory M Mesos for sale difficulty degree: the highest in the MapleStory 2 game) They have 2 heart damage dealing skills that are super short ranged, therefore it makes it tricky to land your skills bosses or enemies without taking a lot of harm. Even when you are a master at


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