Legitimacy unless they Maplestory M Mesos actually


    Legitimacy unless they Maplestory M Mesos actually GO to their map they do not happen to have an autoCC and are able to observe them hacking at the fleshAre you assuming the GMs arent at a map when they are whispering You do understand GMs can turn invisible Its not like they are whispering some guy in Blackgate while they are chilling in


    something or Heneseys Its another case of the community abusing it for their own gain and carryingHi I am an active player in Reboot who likes to relax grinding or when not bossing One way I love to unwind is to hunt familiars I find them to be more interesting than stationary chairs I mean having mobs and fighting alongside you and


    bosses alike only walking with you Sounds amazingPresently the system for you to hunt and obtain familiars is to really go out and hunt a mob that is specific or have you just drop It gets to the point where the fam while it does sound like a wonderful incentive to grind Cards drop rate is low or in some cases dont even exist By way


    of instance Twilight Perion dinosaurs never obtained them because they hit GMSAs MaplestoryM Mesos soon as its excellent that the programmers here are keen to maintain the recognizable system in GMS it seems the only real method to obtain them is only throuh the item Gachapon as they dont actually drop from said mobs Since reboot does not have



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