I started playing with RuneScape gold in 2004

  • My language is Icelandic. I started playing with RuneScape gold in 2004 when I was 7 years old. I recall the first thing I ever typed on that game from a petition from my sister who had been 12 years old at at time, she asked me to beg in Varrock. I went around asking people "can you give me money". Ever since 2004 I've played Runescape on and off because it's benefited me a great deal and I'm thankful for that. When speaking with tourists visiting Iceland I frequently get compliments about my accent and that they couldn't alter my accent from somebody who grew up with English vs me growing up using Icelandic, that is totally different.

    Played RS back in the days but not gave it a fair try. Last year started around the time came out. Holy crap is Runescape huge and hard. It is an RPG, kind of like of the games that you have nowadays, with PvP elements in a medieval fantasy theme. It is fantastic. I'm skilling, questing, bossing, which makes millions of gp and only having tons of fun. Every step feels rewarding. Can really recommend anybody to play with Runescape.

    I do agree with you seeing Runescape's questing. It's one of those only MMOs that actually makes them feel like quests in the DnD sense of this word rather than the mandatory to make it to the relevant part of the game feel of this word.That said, beyond having quality quests, it is tough to buy RS gold recommend the game as"among the best". It's not the images that are dated. You mentioned the skill cap being unbelievably high, but realistically what that comes down to is combos in PvP that involve swapping between windows and items to pull damage combos off. It is not a skill because you competing than actually interacting with the game world in a way in the way most people would think about being skilled in a game.