The makers of the film Golden Goose Sale

  • Brandon's kneejerk odyssey veers dangerously close to being too stupid to enjoy watching you want to protectively yell "Go home!" to the screen, especially when a gun enters the picture. But newcomer Guillory has the right combination of vulnerability and quiet anger to keep us invested, and side details give Brandon's journey admirably complicated pauses.

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    The makers of the film Golden Goose Sale Juno, on the other hand, seem to have wondered what's the point of having hackles if they never get elevated, so they push every button they can. Their heroine is a sharptongued 16yearold who's not about to let an unexpected pregnancy get in the way of her quirky sense of humor even when she and her dad are first meeting some possible adoptive parents.

    In late July, Bostonbased Converse made headlines with news that it was set to release an updated version of the beloved Chuck Taylor All Star sneaker. Since the design of the original All Star had changed very little over the course of its 98year history, some saw this as the sneaker world equivalent of drawing a mustache on the Mona Lisa. Others were quick to point out that, while certainly iconic, the original shoes didn't offer much in the support department and that a redesign was long overdue.