Abilities that will require Maplestory M Mesos specific


    Abilities that will require Maplestory M Mesos specific strategies and decks to defeat.Blizzard will roll out one wing of Blackrock Mountain per week. The first wing, debuting today, is called Blackrock Depths. Here's a breakdown of each boss in Blackrock Depths and their rewardsCoren DirebrewHero Power Pile On  mana  Put two minions from your deck


    and one from your opponent's into the battlefield.Reward for beating him Grim Patron  mana,  minion  Whenever this minion survives damage, summon another Grim PatronHigh Justice GrimstoneHero Power Jeering Crowd  mana  Summon a  Dark Iron Spectator with Taunt.Reward for beating him Gang Up  mana  Choose a minion.


    Shuffle  copies of it into your deck.Emperor ThaurissanHero Power Power of the Firelord  mana  Deals  Hero Damage; Moira Bronzebeard  minion  Thaurissan's Hero Power can't be used, never attacks minions unless they have Taunt.Reward for beating him Resurrect  mana  Summon a friendly minion that died this game.If you clear


    Blackrock Depths, you'll also unlock the Legendary card for Emperor MaplestoryM Mesos Thaurissan. He's  minion that reduces the cost of cards in your hand by  mana at the end of your turn.Clearing the wing also unlocks access to Class Challenges for the Hunter and Mage. These Challenges task you with beating a boss with that class and a specific


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