I wonder if they are actually passing down

  • Ever since Shade came out, I haven't been able to create any new ghost Maplestory M Mesos for sale personality. Between the Beast Tamer and Shade release, they ended up altering the character name filter to never let "ghost". I have sent in a ticket, I have talked to GMs, I've achieved into the MLC about it, but nothing has been done about it for the last year. It is frustrating since even a mediocre programmer could correct this issue. It is not that is something difficult to accomplish, it is that there is somebody in the company that's saying no to fix this.

    I understand customer support doesn't make all the choices, but I wonder if they are actually passing down what the gamers need in person tickets such as these. I just hate how such a simple and consequence-free request is that usually means a lot to the participant is being denied for whatever reason. Customer service may not be the person to blame, but my anger is blinding me to a point where I can't be satisfied with any part of Nexon.

    P.S. To provide more insight , ever because I start playing walnut nearly 9 years ago, I have always made a personality using it suffix as "ghost", and I've made a lot of characters since I began. For Nexon to filter out the name makes me feel as though I have been banned to make any fresh characters. And in a sense I am letting that occur by refusing to make anymore new characters before that is fixed. So this isn't just a "it'd be nice if Nexon did this" request to me, it's something which means a lot for me. I would love to earn a Shade along with also a Kinesis this winter (not to forget all of the NX I'd spend if I be able to earn those figures).

    Witch Malady's conversation is long and dull. Maplestory 2 Mesos Items can only be bought one by one, and can only be cooked by one. Cooking one thing means moving through 5 or 6 dialogue boxes (and selecting an alternative in each, so that you can not even junk the NPC Chat key). And you have to cook up a dozen intermediate items until you're able to produce a single Stew, which is pretty much the only among Malady's concoctions that is still useful.