Hackers and bots run rampant in Maplestory M Mesos

  •  Hackers and bots run rampant in Maplestory M Mesos literally EVERY match's western server, westerners are the largest purporters of RMT. But things like elites were supposed to stabilize savings. As was the auction house but I'm convinced nexon's got yet another horrible excuse as to why it's not in yet. Perhaps with the world alliances. Not nexon america, they are only after in KMS' footsteps and accepting credit for listening, though I love them for not messing with the stains (too much at least...).

    Upon getting her degree 150 hyper ability, she'd obtain a -75% exp reduction from death passive, which provides her no exp loss at death if she reaches 210 and gets the level 3 link skill while in a guild with the -5percent exp reduction at death guild skill maxed. Her busy stats from the 150 ability will offer her +50 all stats and +20 attack (both weapon and magic). "Oh great! Still another whiner." Yes, well, I'm not your typical whiner.

    Allow me to get something out of this way: I really enjoy the buy Maplestory Mesos pay2win system and that I personally have spent $17,000 on this game. Yes, it is not quite as much as the average mapler who spends over $50,000 on this match, but I am still a paying player at the conclusion of the day, and Nexon should place their paying gamers' remarks in the utmost respect to keep making us cover and financially support this match. But that is why maple is still about. We've got people who spend tens of thousands, or tens of thousands of dollars every MONTH to either craft items to re-sell for real $, or simply on hundreds of PSSBs to get that 1 ring or cape or other. Royal fashions are just another thing. Cosmetic and designed to suck away your money to find that one desired haircut.