The reason we do that is because the R6 Credits

  • Our balancing team take both qualitative responses from the community at large, they take comments from our expert players through a personal Discord server, we've got professional player test sessions where we attract professional gamers to the studio and they play pre-alpha versions of those operators and give their feedback. Those operators are built by us . We also look at the data and alterations are made by us based on that as well.

    The match for play balances, and the reason we do that is because the R6 Credits level of drama is the most stable meta. The lower skills and positions are where gamers are catching up with all the high level drama over a span of months, so we'll see something occur in Pro League that has a comprehensive shift from the meta, and then we'll notice that trickle down to Diamond rank within days, then Silver and Gold after a week or two, then below that following a few weeks. Therefore by balancing the game at the maximum level, we are in a position to find the trickle down effect of the and how it impacts all levels of play. Even when Copper and Bronze players aren't pro players, they are still able to understand from those gamers and find out different ways to apply what they're doing to their gameplay.

    See how the ops will perform and one thing that we try and remind players is to be patient. There are times where our players will have a reaction that is very aggressive to a new operator's notion -- and we have seen it, it is cheapest Rainbow Six Siege Credits a cycle, and it occurs every season. Our players hear about what an operator could be, that the teaser is seen by them, and also some players visit the worst case scenario. That is ok, it's part of not getting the full image, so that is understood by us.