Was random and hunted for the Maplestory 2 Mesos

  • I tagged it using a skill that was random and hunted for the Maplestory 2 Mesos closest world boss. Following an hour's worth of leeching multiple planet bosses, I was high enough to project change. Add couple more hours of that and I was already level 20 strong enough to donate to boss fights!

    In short, tagging world supervisors is the most efficient way to accelerate because not only you get a ton of EXP you'll also receive a lot of rare equipment. Obviously, this system will only function if there are a whole lot of players hunting and melting the bosses left and right.

    First and foremost part is how players can customize their clothing! For Maple story M Mesos instance, the Miku outfit shown below was created by me and it was extremely popular during the alpha test! Players may import that outfit into the game by purchasing a blank outfit from a special NPC.

    After finalizing the ensemble, you are given an option to sell it to the market. The Auction House Market is full of all sorts of apparel created by the community which range from shoes, gloves, one piece dresses, tops, pants, pajamas, and more.