Was enough as if trying to Maplestory 2 Mesos

  • Why? Your nearest and dearest do, because when trying to see whether the boss being attacked by the party has Damage Reflection, you're left wondering what is occurring with the damage amounts. Was enough as if trying to Maplestory 2 Mesos see outside of your personal damage numbers.

    So you can not really tell whether the boss gets Damage Reflection or not (recall that a few courses can attack when the boss gets Damage Reflection anyways), and it will become next to impossible to time your attacks.

    My proposal is this:Similarily to Root Abyss and other places, in Maple M Mesos which you do not see the damage amounts of different people, remove the harm numbers from all the directors around the Boss List.

    This is not specific to one item in the Maplestory two Mesos store or necessarily the numbers or price of those items, but more about the ideology Nexon is moving based on announcements I have been studying from Nexon concerning this occasion and what management events like this could possibly be led in the future.

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