You'll realize the Fortnite items

  •  Enter the ground floor and you'll realize the Fortnite items disco ball in the center, surrounded by a dance flooring in all four cornersof the space. You'll need to coordinate with other players to each of dance on these simultaneously; the procedure takes a couple of moments as the disco ball climbs up toward the ceiling. It's likely to do this along with other random gamers, but your easiest bet is going to be to squad up with three buddies and mind there together.

    Week 5 also tasks one to use a vending machine twice. This is relatively straightforward, but in case you have not used a vending machine before, you might be in a loss. Vending machines permit you to exchange crafting materials for fortnite weapons items; they are located in stationary areas, but they don't always appear in every match.

    You can consult our vending machine location manual to discoverlikely spots for them to pop up, but make sure that you include wood, stone, or metalthe cost of working with the  machine may be high depending on the rarity.