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  • Happily, we're, and we've completed the challenge. Specifically, you ought to head the cellar of the mansion, where you'll discover a tiny dance floor ready to host your conflict of motions.The other tricky thing is really having someone else there because--as with all dance offs--it's a one versus a single scenario. You just have to partake in a dance off, not necessarily win one--it is the taking part that counts.


    The swarm of players might lead to some deaths, but you  poe trade  will want someone else to participate so as to get it done, so that the sooner you try this, the better.To make things simpler, we've assembled a video of us performing the challenge.After that's finished, you can have a look at the Fortnite Season 7, Week 2 challenge listing to find out what else it's possible to finish to unlock Battle Stars.


    If you've completed all the challenges so far, you may choose to peruse our gallery for Season 7's newest makeup and benefits to determine if anything tickles your fancy. Running on Fight Stars? Don't worry, we've got a comprehensive Season 7 challenge guide which you could use to do last week's challenges.'Fortnite' season 7 guide: Dance off at an abandoned mansionThe Fortnite season seven days have came for the majority of players across every stage in Battle Royale.


    So gamers may be familiar with them, there are  POE RMT in fact coming from prior seasons and weeks. There is challenge that we have not seen before.Two obstacle is competing at a dance off in an abandoned mansion that week. We are going to get to where the abandoned mansion is located in just a minute since that is sure to be the part of the struggle this week.