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  • But MapleStory also features what it calls a Money Shop. There, eager players may FIFA 19 Coins  exchange real money cash for quite a few in-game items--including, indispensably, an electronic pet that provides companionship while also taking care of their looting, typically available for approximately $5 each 90 days. "The pet follows you around while you play, and items close to the pet magically jump off the floor and into your inventory," explains Uzo Olisemeka, a longtime fan of MapleStory who insists that paying not to have to loot a thing hundreds of times each hour will be "a steal."


    MapleStory is formally free to play, and no one is required to spend money in the Cash Shop. At least in theory. "The game is practically not possible to enjoy at greater levels without a pet looting for you," Olisemeka points out.However, what exactly does a player of MapleStory have when they invest money on their electronic pet? The issue is becoming more and more relevant at a time when more and more of our property exists in the digital sphere: digitally downloaded films, television programs, Kindle books, MP3s.


    We know perfectly well when we trade money for bodily products--to get a TV or a refrigerator or a set of jeans--that a concrete transaction has been conducted. Namely, we understand that, having given money to a different party and having obtained merchandise in return, the goods in question today belong to us in a concrete and legally protected manner.If someone steals our TV or our fridge or our jeans, we firmly assume a crime has been committed.


    What happens when it's stolen, or when a glitch in the  Buy FUT 19 Coins software makes it simply vanish? The scenario is not hypothetical. In-game valuables are stolen all of the time: They're the objects of cons and swindles, often sought by swindlers and grifters--like a briefly notorious heist from the popular MMOgo EVE Online, in which thieves made off with in-game product worth more than $16,000 offline.