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  • Dragon Ball Z x Adidas Yung-1 Frieza,"Luoyun?" Vera's slowly holding the boy's palm, she did not know what Luoyun was thinking at this time, only silently accompany him.Dragon Ball Z x Adidas Yung-1 GoKong Orange,The contemplative Luo Yun was reappeared by Vera's call back to the stadium. The crowd around him made him look awkward.Adidas Yung-1 Cloud White ,He actually understood that he and Dedemond both wanted to win the game and they would stage an unpleasant scene. He is really nostalgic to play with Leonard now, and the kind of tacit understanding between friends can't be replaced.

    Adidas x Alexander Wang BBALL Soccer Black ,Instructor Eddie asked the little guy to talk about this problem after the game. He thought that Xiao Luoyun could actually split the offense to Dedmond, Adidas x Alexander Wang BBALL Soccer Red ,but the little guy did not agree to Eddie. In his opinion, his offensive ability. You don't have to be Dymond, and your ability to control the whole situation is incomparable to Dedmond. Adidas X Alexander Wang BBall Low Black Clean ,In his eyes, Demond is only a stupid big man who knows the offense. He has no organizational ability, Adidas X Alexander Wang BBall Low White Clean ,if he promises Eddie to split the ball. Part of it, but it is equivalent to bowing to Dedmond, then the position of the team leader will naturally fall to the head of Dedmond, which is obviously not tolerated by Luo Yun!

    Balenciaga Triple S All Black ,After coaching Eddie, after persuading him to lose fruit, he couldn’t think of any good way. In his opinion, the blood of the teenager would not stop for a while, Balenciaga Triple S Black White,and Luo Yun and Dedmond were both victorious and eye-catching. No sand, a mountain is not easy to two tigers, Balenciaga Triple S  Black Silver ,this reason he does not understand, but these two people can not give up, especially Luo Yun, if there is no little guy, Stevenson can not progress so quickly.