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    Yet vast numbers of Americans consider themselves fans of Brian Lamb. As one CSPAN watcher said, when you listen to Brian "You feel like he's just like you, only smarter." (Laughter.). It surprises some outsiders to know there is a strong social code. When the leader of a guild named Punisher's Army was caught on tape in a racist diatribe, most of the guild quit en masse; the few players who found their leader's comments acceptable transferred with him to another server to escape the vitriol directed their way..

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    After you hit level 20, you should upgrade your armor and weapon. You should fish for meat, or kill cows. If you're only playing 'WOW' and you're paying every single month, what does that mean for all of the other Internet games out there that are trying to get your $10 or $12 or $15 a month?" Green said. " 'WOW' is now the 800pound gorilla in the room.

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