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    CFA bank was more difficult than the actual exam. To illustrate, one of the questions from CFA bank asked for calculation of std. Deviation for 10 numbers. When he replied "Yes" my account got locked within a matter of seconds and after it happened he sent my "bye".JagexInfinityBest Comment of 2016 171 points submitted 11 months agoThere is no excuse to use a third party auto typer they are against the rules. You are welcome to report other players who you believe may be using third party auto typers. If you feel the in game system could be improved you are welcome to post any suggestions on the forums.The reason the account got locked was, again, due to behaviours and actions which are similar to account phishers, plus a combination of other actions.If players have chosen not to see chat which is sent via the autochat system, then they clearly don want to see that kind of chat so by evading it (via third party systems), you causing disruption / annoyance to players.Flannery_Moore 46 points submitted 11 months agoJagex has a ticket system.

    I saw a video that ElvistheAlien did on this guy, i cant really have any sympathy for him. One of the most interesting comments i saw on the video is that its very possible all of this is made up. Correct me if I am wrong, but there are never videos or pictures of him and his gf or wife or whoever (edit:i have been corrected), its all just story time.

    People are just reeing about it because they only have this big 9% number stuck in their minds but can get the whole picture. You won see this armour being used for Slayer or Casual reaper tasks, like TMW. The usefulness of the effect is reduced in ED because you are running 80% of the time and the upkeep cost won be kind.

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