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    RESISTANCE 2 (Sony). Where would the PlayStation 3 be without Insomniac Games? Not giving the Xbox 360 a run for it's money, that's for sure. Insomniac is independent but historically develops games only for Sony consoles, and some of the best games for Sony consoles at that.

    Myst is a perfect example of a monumentally influential game that would be almost excruciatingly painful to play today. The 1993 graphical adventure famously let players loose of, since it consisted of a slow loading series of beautifully rendered photos a mysterious island. Despite its now clunky mechanics, it established an entirely new kind of fiction whose influence can be felt in everything from mythic sci fi novels to the ABC television show Lost.

    A is an enchanted Dragonstone bracelet. You need 74 Crafting, 68 Magic, a dragonstone, a gold bar, bracelet mould, a cosmic rune, 15 earth runes, and 15 water runes to make the necklace and enchant it. It starts with 4 charges and can be recharged at the Totem pole in the Legends' Guild (requires completion of Legends' Quest).

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