Welded pipes are made directly

  • Welded pipes are made directly from steel strips (rolled), and are seamlessly pierced with round steel or tube blanks.The production process of the seamless steel pipe is mainly accomplished by tension reducing, and the tension reducing process is a continuous rolling process in which the hollow base metal does not have a mandrel. It is made of perforated steel ingots or solid billets and then hot rolled, cold rolled or cold drawn. Therefore, the steel tube must be repeatedly twisted and twisted in the straightening machine. In the production rolling process, sometimes the steel tube twists and turns are not always straight. Therefore, it is not possible to obtain very straight tubes from the rolling mill, as long as the rules of skill conditions are satisfied by the tortuosity of the cold straightened tubes. Seamless pipe pressure is higher, the welded pipe is generally about 10 MPa, and the welded pipe is now seamless..

    Therefore, in order to eliminate the twists and turns of seamless steel tubes, all seamless steel tubes need to be cooled and straightened. Welded pipe is a steel pipe with seams on the surface that has been welded and deformed into a round shape by bending steel strip or steel plate.Recognition method: Look inside the pipe. The former is formed once in rolling. Welded pipes are relatively thin. Seamless steel tubes have a hollow cross-section and are used in large quantities as conduits for transporting fluids. Because the outside will handle it, the welded pipe has some gaps inside it that can be seen, and some of the treatments are not easy to see. The blank used for the welded pipe is steel plate or strip steel. You can touch it slowly with your hand, or look at the specifications. What method can correct the tortuosity of the seamless steel tube?Let the finished products have a small twist and have to rely on the mechanical thing straightener to finish.

    The tortuosity is due to improper adjustment of the rolling mill, residual stress remaining during rolling and formation due to unequal Hardware Accessories cooling along the section and length of the pipe.In the appearance of steel pipe, seamless steel pipe and welded steel pipe have different welding seams on the inner wall of the welded pipe.The fundamental reason for straightening is to make it elastoplastic tortuous, and the large tortuosity becomes a small degree of tortuosity. Better performance is better, of course, the price is higher. The latter, however, needs to be welded after rolling, and generally ssaw steel pipe and lsaw steel pipe. The degree of repeated twists and turns of the steel pipe is mainly determined by the adjustment of the straightening machine.