The maplestory itself should be stricter with AFK'ers

  • Their big two-handed weapons often cover most if not all of the owner's body obscuring it from the view of earth. Perhaps you bought a nice Nexon overall or even fuse-anviled a cool looking armor to yours but it's sad that it's not visible once you're standing idle or even walking. Well later hours (like 5 minutes) of intense (casual) thinking and planning I have devised an answer to that issue.

    Presenting the Holster it's a piece of Nexon Maplestory Mesos equipment which goes in the cape slot at the Nexon tab that allows the user to "place away their weapon" when they are standing or walking in a similar fashion to idle Demon Avengers, Cannoneers or even Zero. The thought of this Holster is that in case you believe your weapon looks fine enough without the need to conceal it with another Nexon weapon or should it simply covers your whole body obscuring your avatars body from presence then this piece of equipment will help.

    Disadvantages: It goes over the cape slot therefore no cape for you. Conclusion: This is merely a measly proposal and im not gonna bug Nexon for eternity if it's ignored but I thought it'd be wise to talk with people. Comment about what you think. And DA have their weapon slung on their backs when not in battle is far more attractive than the weapon being stored in this manner that hides the human body (and in some cases, the face too).

    You find that the scabbard on your back when you're climbing a ladder or rope. Nonetheless, it seems that when you are just walking around you'd rather have that dangerously buy maplestory mobile mesos sharp sword right alongside your face...)But, I believe that with the manner MapleStory does its character making, it might actually be less painful to alter e.g. 2H Swords to act like Desperados, than it would be to introduce a "Cape" that reveals that the current weapon's hilt when at rest, and leads to the character's arms to hang at their sides.

    Make the opportunity for getting a page out of the proper reactor go up with the number of attempts you make, until it reaches 100 percent or until you get the webpage. Consequently, if the prospect of a Test Tube falling Page 2 starts out in 5%, then every time you activate a Test Tube it will go up by another 5 percent, until after 20 Test Tubes you are guaranteed of getting that webpage. When you get the page the chance resets to 5 percent and stays there.

    I am certain different methods can be considered MapleStory. The important part is, again make sure everyone who makes a true effort can complete the event. Making us work hard for our rewards is fine. Real Life does that, but we play games to escape the frustrations of real life, not to get more of these.