Everyone can participate with the Pass without paying a cent

  • Rudi’s splashiest reveal was the “Rocket Pass,” a limited-duration item-redemption system that models itself after some of the most lucrative games out there, such as “Counter-Strike” and “Fortnite.” Everyone can participate with the Pass without paying a cent: when you gain a level of Rocket League Items experience, you gain a tier in your current Rocket Pass.


    Every few tiers, you gain a free item, all the way up to level 70 – the same item that every other freeloader got at that level, to boot, for as long as the pass lasts, which could be up to three months. However, if you upgrade to the premium package for $10, you get an additional reward item on every tier, and your rates of XP accrual go up dramatically, too.


    Once you slide past 70, you start to receive exclusive versions of the loot you got from the previous tiers, but perhaps it’s in a custom color, or maybe it displays your number of “epic saves” – or both, if you’re well and truly lucky.


    From Rudi’s perspective, the Rocket Pass is just another way for Psyonix to shower items onto the dyed-in-the-wool rocket-freaks who’ve already put thousands of hours into mastering the subtleties of their hit game. “We didn’t even really think about it from a financial perspective,” he says.


    “We have enough new players each month to https://www.lolga.com sustain the game, frankly. It’s more about having a short-term experience that engages with players all across the spectrum. I’m a big believer in the one-more-turn compulsion – this idea that, well, I’m only one game away from getting my next tier, so let’s go again.”


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