You will about alleviate two items from those listed below

  • With WrestleMania 34 demography over televisions about the Rocket League Items apple today, Psyonix has appear new WWE-themed customisation items for Rocket League.

    The administrator started allotment WWE contest endure year, and, as allotment of their connected partnership, accept appear that 11 new items accept accustomed to accompany with WrestleMania 34.

    To alleviate the chargeless WWE items aboriginal arch to 'Extras' in the Main Menu, baddest 'Redeem Code,' and again admission 'Wrestlemania.' It's as simple as that.

    You will about alleviate two items from those listed below, with added codes and affairs to aggregate them all promises throughout the year.

    Who doesn't wish chargeless stuff, right? If you're one of the millions still arena Rocket League, again here's your adventitious to nab some candied being for free! With the WWE's Wrestlemania 34 mega accident set to yield abode afterwards today, Psyonix has partnered with the angry advance for some chargeless Rocket Alliance WWE items!

    How to get 'em? Super simple! Go to the Main Menu, again Extras, and again in the redeem cipher option, blazon in "wrestlemania" which will admission you two chargeless items!

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