Rainbow Six Siege Devs Talk Bringing Balance

  • We're very happy with how our balancing team has been operating on our R6 Items operators more lately. We had some very amazing findings from Ela and Lion about just how ancient [the balancing staff ] need to participate in the procedure, so we're beginning to apply this to all of our operators today. I believe Alibi and Maestro are really excellent examples of this -- they came out and they could have been extremely powerful, but they are actually pretty balanced. We are beginning to get more optimistic about introducing new operators into the meta, and so when our players respond really closely to [new operators], we know that every thing will be alright in a few days when they see the complete show.

    So that comments does not actually have a negative impact on us, but we do look at that opinions, share it, and if we see some very well-constructed feedback on a gadget or feature then we proceed to our balance group and show them what the gamers are saying. The wonderful thing about getting this open stage is that we can speak to them all about it, talk them through exactly what the players are thinking, then figure out how to bring everybody to a mutual understanding of our goals and desires. I think that our designers' notes which we're releasing a season are a result of that. In the past when we released changes, we did not always explain it and exactly what our justification for that was, and we watched players get frustrated by that because they did not understand why we had been making changes.

    In general, it is a positive process and we totally understand why some players get worried, but we are fairly happy with how our operators are releasing balance wise.

    While Ubisoft has not announced an exact articles of game  Operation Grim Sky release date just yet, the company has shown the patch notes for this upcoming DLC (downloadable content) for the strategic shooter. The patch notes for Operation Grim Sky include enhanced performance on PS4, PS4 Guru, Xbox One, and Xbox One X through lively resolution scaling. What this signifies is, certain scenes from the sport will be to maintain a consistent frame rate. Rainbow Six Siege's frame rate on PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One, and Xbox One X is 60fps and dynamic resolution scaling ensures that this stays the same.