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    To level up fast in Rift Planes of Telara, it is best for you to look for a Rift guide that gives you the full understanding of the Rift quests. Comprehending all quests in Rift is important, as it will provide you with the best weapons and armours that are going to help you level up fast and easy.

    But some of them can be absolutely confusing, which will consume more of your time and require more work just to finish a particular quest. Thus, having a good Rift leveling guide will get you on the right path to increase your leveling speed and take you to the highest level much quicker.

    Here are a few guidelines that can help you level up quicker.Note down important names and locationsYou will be required to go to a map in several quests that you have never explored early on. The size of these maps are huge, so make sure to make notes of important places, such as the location of monsters that should be killed along with the location of NPCs that you meet, whom you will need to talk to.

    Also be sure to make a note of the name of the NPC that you meet. You will have to talk to numerous NPCs in quite a few of these quests, and having a list of their names will avoid the confounding of which NPC you should be talking to in order to complete the quest a lot quicker.Quest in ONE place at a time

    Only do the easy quests and skip the tough onesFinishing several easier quests instead of squandering time on a single tough one is going to help you level up even faster. Even though experience will probably be an advantage here, you can begin by going through the list of quests to check out a few that you should skip.You might have been given an idea that to level up faster in Rift, you need to take the same route of those who have reached the higher level, which is to finish the same quests as they did. Bear in mind that as you proceed with each quests, things will only harder, and you may not have the equal strength and ability to go through the same quests as what the more experienced players have completed.

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