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  • A lot of people think of Ned Kelly as a cold blooded killer and a criminal. Ned was in trouble from a young age, he rs gold robbed banks and the ones he killed, he stole horses and ran away from the police. His family were thought to be wild and reckless and where ever Ned went he took hostages. He was someone to be afraid of. But then again.

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    Through it all, Ned emerges as a incredibly courageous individual , as he did from the mist at Glenrowan, dressed in his famous suit of armour, for his extraordinary last stand. A special 60 minutes episode showed that 91% of those who voted believed that Ned wasn't given a fair trail. Others think he has a victim of a vicious system.

    His last wish was for the police to let his Mum go, since she was in jail for something she didn't do. Ned was self educated and very loyal to his friends, family and supporters and had a good sense of humour. His mocking courage never deserted him and to be as game as Ned Kelly is to have the ultimate bravery. He was and still is a hero. I think he was hero but it's up to you to chose what you think.

    For starters, Ned Kelly stole cattle numerous times, and then went to jail a few times. Then a Constable (policeman) came into the Kelly's house and told Dan Kelly (Ned's younger brother) that he was under arrest for cattle stealing. Dan went into another room to get his coat and then the Constable assaulted Ned's sister Kate by grabbing her. Ned came in and jumped on him.

    If you want a full easy to understand story on Ned Kelly just read the book Black Snake by Carole Wikinson.A few weeks later, Ned and his newly found gang went to a police camp and Ned shot three policemen. After that he and his gang were declared as outlaws.

    Make sure you read all the facts before you judge him. Just like the saying don't judge a book by its cover! .

    Ned Kelly was an Australian bushranger, and arguably one of the best known as he was said to nobly help out the poor (this is a myth). He formed the Kelly gang with his brother Dan Kelly, Steve Hart and Joe Bryne. Following the murder of police informer Aaron Sherritt on 27 June 1880 Ned Kelly's gang expected a large number of police to travel to Glenrowan by train.

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