I also participated in MaplestoryM Mesos

  • (even counting if somebody's first time playing was at a mirror dimension or something).Simply making it up to the Maplestory Mesos mushroom login display was an ordeal of types. (which I notice now the edges look like that of a publication )

    Getting through enrollment, hoping that the crude computer I was using will be able to find at least one screen setting where Maplestory would operate as well as having enough free time to consider stepping foot into a MMORPG. I gathered coins by just doing normal quests and currently have 284 coins. I have pets that loot up everything as well.

    I also participated in MaplestoryM Mesos both 2x fall and exp we have had. Basically I'm waiting until I am level 100ish so I will start doing the Evo laboratory to acquire an appropriate number of coins. I hate having to try to hurry on a new character just for an event however. It requires a lot of the fun from it.

    This event basically caters to individuals with higher level players or accounts who have loads of time on their hands and not new players/new personalities that's highly unsatisfactory and not appropriate (imo) into the summer season.