Disqualifications from show include: cropped or dropped ears

  • In early development it was felt the GSD should be above everything utility and intelligence. Additionally the breeding and genetic markers for disease can affect an otherwise suitable working dog. Gate Latch It is this testing and the maintaining of healthy, tested clean lines that makes a good GSD an investment.. Some say they are fearsome, threatening dogs that should be banned and, unfortunately, in some areas this has been the case. Do not feed for fast growth it does not necessarily mean a bigger adult but can mean a weaker adult.

    By the standard, the male should be 24 26 inches at the shoulder with females 22 24. In the late 1800s cavaly officer Capt. While selection of breeding dogs and testing hips and elbows before breeding is certainly a factor, equally is diet. They are also many people who feed a raw meat and bones diet. High energy food that boosts fast growth should be avoided especially in the rapid growth time of 3 8 months of age. This reduces the chances of displasia later. American soldiers brought the breed to the US after being introduced to the breed in the military. Some are bold in any circumstance, some are borderline fearful. An important factor in feeding German Shepherds is food selection.


    The German Shepherd is often aloof they don t often walk right up to a stranger but size them up, as if silently figuring whether you are worth their time.The German Shepherd is a breed that brings different views from people. The breed is still today a working machine. It is this loyalty and sense of duty that has made the German Shepherd a dog that willingly guided the blind, works as law enforcement, herds livestock, competes not only in shows but in dog sports, is a friend to the military and performs countless duties in homes throughout the world.


    Some dogs take longer than others to warm up and create a bond, but once that bond is made is a dog that will face any threat imaginable to protect their family. One GSD charges fearlessly into a conflict that includes gunfire while another trembles in a thunderstorm. Genetic issues affecting the eyes, skin, heart, neurological system, digestive and skeletal systems are all possible within the breed and most are found by testing before breeding. Max Von Stephanitz sought to perfect a dog for farm work.


    Disqualifications from show include: cropped or dropped ears, nose not mostly black, undershot jaw, docked tail and all white dogs. They are distinctive in appearance and although known by different names are the same breed throughout the world. The breed today takes the look of a defined breed but not all are the same. They should be longer than they are tall, with an image of power and grace. As with many animals bred for function, what was needed locally was different than the dogs available. Many things vary within this breed. A dog developed as a show dog might look very different from one developed for police work, which may have a different body type from one working on the farm. The breed is still today used to assist soldiers throughout the world. Some have been guilty of biting while others would never except under extreme threat threaten a human. Handling and breeding can make an immense difference in this breed.functional in the ability to cover ground easily whether after a loose cow or an escaped criminal. The GSD is one of the breeds some pet food companies have developed special formulas for... However, those who have had a German Shepherd see the same breed with much different eyes.