NHL has served five terms since its founding in 1917

  • NHL has served five terms since its founding in 1917: Frank Calder, Mervyn "Red" Dutton, Clarence Campbell, John Ziegler and Gil Stein. Campbell served 31 years, Calder 26 years. Now Bateman has 25 years, is the North American four major professional sports league in the current president of NHL Coins the longest serving.


    Twenty-five years ago President Bettman talked to the media over teleconferences about television, marketing and labor relations, all of which were developed during his NBA career. "I am determined to eliminate off-site interference, so that fans can focus on what happened on the court." He told reporters. "To do this, you have to operate well. You must sign a good collective bargaining agreement to maintain a stable relationship with the players. Business alliances, you do not have to look at the boss or president or union leaders face, just focus on players Excellent performance on ice. "