I became the mentor Cheap FUT Coins

  • First time I quit, probably around level 30, and that was when Gilded armor first came out. I remember I was chasing after a guy om Karamja to get a picture of his full suit, and accidentally attacked a guy in the jungle with his Cheap FUT Coins poisoned spear. Soon as I realised what I had done, I logged out as soon as I could. I had a schoolmate add my mentoring-friend and contact him, and he showed up with some anti-poison as soon as I logged in. That whole process took about 3 months before I could log on and get help, so I had a nice break.In 5th grade, I remember this game got really popular in my school and most of my classmates were playing (2004-2005) I was level 76 at the time, and the highest level in my school.


    I became the mentor and made all kinds of stuff for everybody at school who was just starting or needed direction. Wow good times.All this time I was playing on Dial-up internet, and around the time we first got the  quot;hd quot; upgrade, was when the internet became insufficient to hold a steady connection. Don 39;t remember exactly when this was, but it was around my sophomore year in highschool. Thats when I quit for at least 2 years, solid.


    That 39;s when a lot of the big changes were really coming into play and I wasn 39;t around to stay with the game I loved so  ch. Highschool issues and college applications and life and girlfriends and my son, who I 39;d eventually make a family with.I totally feel for this post. I am the same age and went through an almost identical timeline haha. I had started right around the time Rs2 came out. i was a low level, and id would walk around picking up random monster drops from people killing various goblins, farmers, cows and the occasional unicorn drop left behind.


    I remember finding a few uncut gems and a magic staff one day and i absolutely could not believe it. i was ecstatic! i mean, an uncut diamond? that had to be worth something right?It was at that point i had met three very iconic individuals in my FIFA Coins runescape playing time. one was a good friend, he was around my level but he was  ch older then me. he was big into mining, and like your mentor, he would give me his old ores bars armores he had smithed for me to have. i would smith what i could, wear what i could and sold all the rest to the general store in vary, trying to make enough for a mithril 2h sword, the best weapon i could use at the moment.