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  • There's a new fully customisable interface controlling how much information is distributed and who will receive it It's accessible to clan leaders via the 'Clan Settings' tab within the 'Clan Settings' interface There's also a new permission for Buy FUT Coins the messaging function in the 'Admin Permissions' tabWe've made some usability tweaks geared towards clans too which can be found in this week's patch notesEnjoy!We hope you enjoy these updates If you haven't already take a look at Behind the Scenes.


    April  for news on the rest of the month's releasesAny thoughts requests or other ments? Let us know over on the forums~The Rshot TeamRshot:What Hold You Playing RS in All These Years  rshot i style="fontsizepx fontfamilyArial "As all of us know runescape has been through a lengthy history from old school runescape to runescape  And quite a few of you have got been acpanied with rs for such a lengthy time So what preserve you playing rs in all those years? Is it the munity? Bossing? Skilling?


    Or do you simply adore the grind that Runscape is identified for? Here are some stories we collected from some players/ii/ii/iiRunescape is easy to get pleasure from but is shortlived/iiThere&s a player who had reacquired membership about  months ago and had the very best practical experience with runescape throughout that time that he have ever had During the time he created additional progress on the account than he has ever carried out in five years.


    He was not maxed by any signifies but now that he has points that when considered difficult to get that he finds the game difficult to love/iiFor some players who do not possess the very best level gear might really feel as in the event the grind that you FIFA Coins just when loved may be the issue that is definitely keeping you from enjoying the game Therefore it is hard to appreciate this game as substantially as you employed to as time goes by/ii/iiRunescape gives you using a mix in the nostalgia plus the basic pressure relief.