What do you think of the new Prize Pool RS

  • Jagex brings a new Treasure Hunter in the game this RuneScape gold week - Prize Pool RuneScape. Obviously it has triggered a heated discussion. Many players respond negatively. Do you know what is Prize Pool? Why are the players so unsatisfied about it? What is the response from Jagex? Let’s learn more now.Learn Prize Pool RuneScape in detailUntil 23:59 UTC on 25th September, 2017, you can enjoy the new TH - Prize Pool RuneScape, from which you earn a chance to get a bonus prize on the Prize Pool interface on the top of the screen with every Key used.


    And you can choose to claim the prize in no time or earn a chance to get more and rare prizes with more Keys used. But keep in mind that with every Key used, there will be an extra prize added to you pool, or all prizes you gather previously removed from it. That means there will be two results you may face: the longer you move on without claiming, the more prizes you can claim, or lose all.


    Negative feedback from many players... Many players believe there have been too many promos in the game until now this year, and they think Prize Pool RuneScape - the new Treasure Hunter is a kind of gambling. They don’t want this kind of thing appear in the game.Jagex’s response to the feedback from playersA J Mod explains that they want to provide various kinds of different things with Treasure Hunter in the past few months so as to get a better idea of the direction they should take.


    And the Prize Pool is a new attempt with a clear risk/reward mechanic, but their baseline of prizes never changes. In addition, he will share the unhappy responses from players with other teams.What do you think of the new Prize Pool RuneScape? Are you into it now? Don’t forget you can buy RS3 gold cheap, rs 07 gold and fast here.The mmogo Team How to Fix Too Many Login Attempts OSRS Issue with OSBuddy?