Top 5 image compressors

  • There are many image compression tools available online. Among them, some are prominent and they are the most used compressors globally.


    The top 5 image compressors are:

    1.    TinyPNG

    The TinyPNG is the top quality Jpeg compressor. It uses smart lossy techniques for the best quality of image compression. The main technique is by reducing the colors in an image, it requires fewer bytes for a small sized image. With TinyPNG the size of file is reduced very largely but the quality of the image is same up to that extent that you cannot even differentiate which is the original image and which is the compressed one.


    The best features of TinyPNG are:

    • It does not require a single penny to be paid for the compression of images.
    • It does not require registration with the website.
    • It decreases up to 80% of the original image size with compression.
    • It supports JPG, PNG and since 2016 it has added support for animated PNG.

    2.    Compressor (free)

    With the help of this tool, you can choose between lossy or lossless compression according to the need of the file. It is the online tool with the best results and reduction of size as much as possible with almost no difference before or after compression.


    The best features of compressor are:

    • It reduces the size of image up to 90%
    • It supports JPG, PNG, PIF and SVG files format.
    • With the compressor, the compressed image can be saved on google drive and drop box
    • It is also free of cost


    3.    JPEGmini (free/premium)

    With JPEGmini, image original quality is not affected when compressed. It reduces the size of the files that helps reducing bandwidth costs, cuts the storage and reduces the page loading time.

    The features of compressor include:

    • There is need to sign up and register before being able to use the compressor.
    • It provides with the limited trial version that is free of cost but once it is expired then you need to pay for the further compression.
    • The compressor supports the whole album to be compressed in just one click go.
    • JPEGmini costs $29, unlimited compressions are allowed up to 28MP images
    • JPEGmini pro costs $60, unlimited compressions are allowed up to 60MP images.
    • JPEGmini server costs $199, it provides with 14 days’ free trial.


    4.    Compressnow (free)

    The compressnow helps reducing the weight image. The distinctive feature of compressnow is that you can decide the compression level so that it reduces as you want it to be.

    The features of compressnow are:

    • It is free of cost.
    • No signup is required.
    • It supports GIF, JPEG and PNG file formats.


    5.    Imageoptimizer

    With Imageoptimizer, you can directly enter the URL of the image and compress it. It just not helps with the optimization of your image, it also helps the users with the conversion of images from one extension into another extension.


    The features of Imageoptimizer are:

    • Registration and signups are not required to use this tool.
    •  It supports jpg, png and gif file formats.
    • The size limit of images that is compress able with this tool is 2.86 MB.