Pup star Jasmin: Reality babe leads from the Sexy Evening Gowns


    REAL: Jasmin wanted people Sexy Evening Gowns to see the real her [JEANY SAVAGE]

    But Jasmin teddy lingerie isn't feeling ruff about it - because the break is giving her pawsfor thought about her next showbiz move.

    The 24-year-old is planninga summer of fun, launchingher babydoll lingerie sizzling new lingerie line and hanging out with new pet pup Chico,who is quite literally a life-saver.

    She reveals: "Chico is a Newfoundland puppy and srtwhg2ge works as a life-saving dog in Kent. everyone expects us Essex girls to have little chihuahuas in their handbags.

    "But teddy lingerie I am not as boring as that. I wanted a big dog and he has a lot of bite...

    as do I!" And speaking babydoll lingerie about her shock exit, Jas hits back at criticisms she was too boring on the show.

    "I was frustrated towards the end that my storylines weren't getting followed "I was frustrated towards the end that my storylines weren't getting fol-up," she says. "It's only natural that everyone wants to be featured as the main part of the show. “I've wanted to act for a long time. I'd love to get into Bollywood” Jasmin Walia, ex TOWIE star

    "But the thing with reality shows is that it is your real life.

    "It does get competitive among the cast, particularly the girls, to have their storylines featured.

    "And I think some of the girls go far to make sure they are the ones getting the main airtime.

    "I'm not fake like that. I wanted people to see the real me.

    "I loved being on Towie and would always go back.

    "It probably would be different if I was dating a guy on the show, but I'm not. You can't help who you fall for and who you don't.

    "But it is only a break. We've left the door open and who knows what will happen in the future?

    "This time out is for me to explore the things I want to do. I've always wanted to sing which is why I went on The X Factor last year. I've wanted to act for a long time. I'd love to get into Bollywood.

    LIFE'S A BEACH: Jasmin is now dating Ex On The Beach star Ross Worswick [JEANY SAVAGE]

    SIZZLING: Jasmin looks great in her American Apparel swimsuit [JEANY SAVAGE]

    "I'm lining up auditions. Plus I have my lingerie line in the making, so it's going to be a busy time."

    Jasmin is dating fellow reality star Ross Worswick, from MTV's Ex On The Beach.

    But she says that producers for ITVBe's The Only Way Is Essex didn't want him on the show.

    "It's a shame as I wanted people to see that side of me," she says.

    "I've been single for ages and now I need to concentrate on my relationship. I'm in love with him."

    Jasmin's Towie debut saw her as a potential girlfriend for James "Arg" Argent, following Lydia Bright's departure.

    Sadly, they didn't last more than one date, but like most of Essex, she's loving the crooner's new slimmed-down look.

    "He looks hot!" she says. "Why didn't he do that ages ago? I'm so proud of him. He's doing well."

    And super-slim size 6 Jasmin is always on hand to offer diet and fitness advice should he ever ask her for it.