Making a Whiteboard

  • In our day to day lives, we might have different ideas and inspirations that pop up in our heads from time to time and some of these can be turned into amazing things if they are noted down in a proper manner. For that you will require something more than just a paper as they will be nowhere to be found if you are not storing them properly. This is where the accessory known as a ‘Whiteboard’ can aid you to easily note down and access those ideas whenever you want to.

    Image Source: Pixabay


    The Convenience

    You might think that they are only helpful to a student but the truth is having one set up in your room or wherever you want to, will allow you to easily organize your thoughts and ideas in a more convenient manner. There are many types of these available so that you can pick one that best suits you. The ones made out of Melamine are some of the most basic types of boards which are quite easy to work with. They are quite cheap as well but are known to warp easily. If you like a more transparent surface to work with then ones made out of Lexan/Plexiglas are the ones for you. Their stiff surfaces are known to last long and come in different colours and they can be pretty easy to clean as well. Another type of board made out of glass has quite a sophisticated look and feel about it. They provide an added advantage as they can be customized to be written on both sides.

    Making One on Your Own

    Almost all of the above mentioned boards can also be made right at your home if you want to. You will only require some tools like glue, a drill, a saw and screws or any other attachment devices, to make one quite easily. ‘Whiteboard Paint’ is another amazing product that allows you to make any surface that you want in to one of these boards. When applied smoothly on to the surface you require, it will cure within 3 to 7 days and transform that surface into a whiteboard that you can easily write on. After sometime if you want to remove it, you can easily peel the paint and reapply it again which will make the surface as good as new. With the aid of this wondrous paint you can literally turn the likes of a small board, a door or even a wall in your room to a dry erase board which can be so efficient. The smoother the area that you apply the paint, the better it will be for the writing process as well as the removing process.

    There are some other alternative types of these known as ‘roll’ or ‘stick-on’ that can be applied to any surface, thus turning it into a whiteboard as well. So whichever type of boards you choose to get for your home/workplace; you will surely realize how it helps to increase your productivity and how it lets you express your ideas freely without any sort of hassle.