Wenger defeat Liverpool to complete revenge

  • Although this season to create team history worth Rakazette, Arsenal's performance FIFA Coins did not improve this season. Arsenal will be playing Liverpool at home this weekend. In the first leg match, Arsenal was massacred 0-4 away, it is puzzling is that after a crisp defeat, the gunman is the team general Chamberlain hand over. At the pre-game conference, Arsene Wenger expressed his determination, saying Arsenal will fight for that 0-4.

    For Liverpool, Wenger called it a "two first six teams" contest and said the team has forgotten the first leg of the defeat, although the results are not satisfactory, but the team still have the opportunity to compete for the Champions League seat: For this game, we will beat Liverpool led by Klopp to regain our fourth place. "
    This will be the 52nd battle of the two teams in the Premier League era, after Arsenal 15 wins and 17 draws and 19 losses, scoring 63 goals 78 ball a little downwind. Two teams in the Premiership the first leg of the clash this season, Arsenal guest 0-4 defeat in Liverpool, the two teams in the Premiership the last five clashes, Arsenal 2 draws and 3 losses not win.

    Klopp also express their views on the game, compared to Wenger, Klopp is very calm: "We must be well prepared to deal with the challenges of this game, we have to face Arsenal, they have a bunch of talented players who can create a lot of opportunities on the floor and all of them have to stay focused on this important game. "