Tottenham unlike Real Madrid Barcelona can win for a long time

  • Tottenham coach Pochettino responded to FIFA 18 Coins the criticism of the team, he told fans that Tottenham is not Real Madrid Barcelona at the same level.

    Tottenham has recently encountered four victorious, and the gap between Manchester City pulled 18 points, fell to sixth in the championship.

    "I do not know how people say us, but of course you're always criticized when you do not win, and I accept that and I try to learn something after every game." Tottenham have been in the past two or three seasons Very competitive.

    "We want to avoid the downturn, but we are not like Real Madrid Barcelona team, may have the ability to win for a long time.

    "It made me stronger when people criticized us, my staff and my team, and sometimes it was fine, and we're probably three points less than this time last season, but we're ranked in the Champions League one.

    "Manchester City has opened the gap, but I'm sure the team will learn from this period of time, and then make progress."