Mourinho: Do not mind Lukaku does not score

  • Manchester United coach Jose Mourinho backed Lukaku, who scored just Cheap FIFA 18 Coins one goal in nearly 10 games, saying he does not mind Lukaku's goals and that his tireless efforts on the court are enough to make up.

    "Lukaku played in the last minute of the race like the first minute of the race, running back and forth, so I think that's a mental issue. He's the way to get the ball for goal, the last-minute at the left back Ball - this is all I want mental state.

    "Unfortunately, not all players are the same, players are people, people are different and everyone is unique.

    "Some people can reach the limit, and others do not even have so much talent, so for me, Lukaku is incredible, he does not score and I do not mind.