Thanks to a mix of Youtuber frenzy

  • Gold cards, and packs, are traditionally the most sought after elements of FIFA 18 Coins Ultimate Team. But those savvy enough to have invested in silvers since FIFA 18’s launch in September may well be sitting on a treasure trove without even knowing it – as the all-silver team below is worth a total of 393,250 coins.

    Thanks to a mix of Youtuber frenzy (French midfielder Bryan Dabo and Brazilian striker Christiano are among this year’s most hyped players) and Squad Building Challenge necessity – four of the listed players come from clubs featured in league-specific puzzles – all of these items are supremely tough to acquire in this year’s game.

    Long-time GamesRadar+ visitors may recognise one name in particular. Rosenborg captain Mike Jensen featured on the site this time last year, when he was awarded a silver in-form card better than almost all of FIFA 18’s standard gold items.