The Italian Olympic Committee has the right to take over the fo

  • Italian Olympic Committee President Marla said FIFA 18 Coins in an interview that the Italian Football Federation has the right to temporarily take over the Italian Football Association.

    Tavicio previously announced his resignation as president of the Italian Football Association's position, while the Italian Olympic Committee President Margo said: "According to the relevant regulations, we are willing to take over the Italian Football Federation temporarily.For us, this is only a solution, if the Football Association within Strong and united, then we may have other solutions. "

    "But when we face a special situation, such as the team being out of the World Cup, you find that some stakeholders are on the opposite side of yours."

    "I will take the opportunity to talk to the friends of the board of directors in the meantime, it does not depend on me.I'm going to have a very tight itinerary for the next 90 days because of the Olympics, etc. Often we would like to find other Solution, but I need to talk to the board first. "