Augsburg goalkeeper Hitz this season the highest rate of Bundes

  • This season, Bundesliga save the highest goalkeeper success rate may FIFA 18 Coins let the fans some unexpected, that is, from Switzerland's goalkeeper Hicks Augsburg.

    In the Bundesliga this season, Augsburg goal was shot 51 times, Hitz was saved 40 of them, save success rate reached 78.4%, ranked all the Bundesliga goalkeepers this season. Bayern goalkeeper Urresi is ranked fourth with 76%.

    This weekend Augsburg is going to usher in a match with Bayern, which Schitz said: "We are in good shape this week in preparation for the game if we come up with good performance on the pitch, we will Better than last time. "

    In addition to the Swiss national team's three nationals Zorme, Hitz and Birkie are in the Bundesliga, Hitz also hopes to improve their position in the Bundesliga by their performance in the Bundesliga.